Steph’s Seriously Good Salsa teams up with Create Common Good

Steph’s Seriously Good Salsa owner Stephanie Bennett needed workers to support her growing salsa business. She found them at Create Common Good, which provides job training to Treasure Valley residents with barriers to employment, such as refugees, the homeless, convicts, former addicts and women referred by the Women’s and Children’s Alliance.

Cooking in the KTVB Kitchen


SPECIAL BULLETIN: Due to the recent salsademic sweeping the Northwest, you or a loved one may have become addicted to the healthy, all-natural taste of Steph’s Seriously Good! SALSA with NO preservatives, NO GMO, NO Gluten, and NO added sugars. You are not alone.

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Treasure Valley salsa operations are flourishing, and some aren’t so small anymore

Salsa is a big deal in the Treasure Valley. Whole Foods in Boise carries 83 salsa flavors and heat levels. Boise Co-op carries seven fresh salsa brands and eight canned, shelf-stable brands. Eight of the 18 brands are made in the Treasure Valley, and most started in the last three years.

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